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Whatsapp For Laptop On Windows 10/7/8.1/XP (Free Download)

Whatsapp For Laptop Windows 10 :- This method is simple you don’t need much technical knowledge just follow the step by step guide.No doubt in Today Generation Whatsapp has changed the world of technology. Even after the popular social networking site Facebook bought Whatsapp, Whatsapp did not lose its craze at all and still is continuing to be India's most used mobile application. Android, Windows, and iPhone users use Whatsapp across the world and it has become an important part of their lives..
whatsapp for laptop

Whatsapp for iOS is totally free for lifetime. Though, the Whatsapp for Android also is absolutely free for one year and after one year you have to pay 55 INR (0.99$) per year to continue using WhatsApp. Most users get a free upgrade from WhatsApp every year including me also. But if you are not lucky enough then you can continue using Whatsapp at the very affordable cost per year.

Below is example of using android games/Apps on your PC using Genny motion ( Method 3 )

Features of Whatsapp for Laptop

  • Whatsapp is well-known for its fast and free service. 
  • Whatsapp delivers messages instantly all over the world.
  •  Though there are also many alternatives to Whatsapp like Viber, Nimbuzz, Line, Kik Messenger none can beat the functions of WhatsApp and the popularity of Whatsapp. 
  • Over 500 M+ users worldwide using Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp has very nice interface and unique way to sign up.
  •  All you need to do is install Whatsapp and verify your phone number and add a profile picture if you need.
  •  WhatsApp is same for every operating system, no matter what operating system it is running on it always boots fast and runs smooth.
  • The best thing about WhatsApp is there are no any annoying ads even when it is a free software.
  • There is one disadvantage in  Get It From Here WhatsApp plus download  that you cannot import your contact list from mobile to PC.
  •  You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp PC. But you have to do it once only and then enjoy using Whatsapp on PC.

Whatsapp for Laptop:

But as some disadvantages like unable to share very long texts on the mobile application which takes time and effort and also that not all users can afford a smart phone to access the app, some prominent solutions have been given by experts.

One of the most effective and easy solutions is the Whatsapp for Laptop usage. There are various methods in which Whatsapp can be accessed from PC, some of them are the software like Bluestacks and You wave.
Bluestacks is preferred to Youwave for its efficient and quick services.

Method 1: Download Whatsapp for Laptop ( Bluestacks)

"Your favorite mobile apps on PC, MAC and TV" this is the tagline of Bluestacks. This is the most efficient and quick accessible software which not only helps with Whatsapp but also many other apps which you want to access in PC.

You, Guys, Can Also Install and download Whatsapp for Nokia 201

Read the following steps carefully and follow them to install and use Whatsapp for Laptop:

  • Download and Install Bluestacks from here. 

  • Open Bluestacks and search for “Whatsapp” in the top search bar.
  • Click on the Install button at the right side.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to automatically download and install Whatsapp on PC.
  • Once it is done, go to Bluestacks > My Apps.
  • Open Whatsapp and verify your phone number.
  • Start using Whatsapp for Laptop.

Method 2: Download Whatsapp for Laptop using Youwave

We are introducing you this method because many have faced some problems with Blue Stacks like system getting dead slow and Sometimes system is getting jammed.This might be the Blue stacks is consuming huge amount of resources, In order to overcome this problem we have tried using the YouWave, which eliminated the problems of Blue stacks.
You can YouWave from Download Here. This is not available for free. But this is available for 7days free trial.Using the YouWave is so easy.You can get the app from any App Store including the Google Play Store. The best part of the YouWave is you can export the downloaded apps to where ever you want!.
YouWave Download Link

Method 3: Download using Genny Motion

This one more way to download and use Whatsapp on your PC for free. So far from above three methods we would like to concentrate more one this method because of simple user interface and more options.

Download and install Genny motion ( Click here ). We are making a video on how to Install genny motion on your computer and use WhatsApp. Just bookmark this page we will share the video once it's done :)

Download WeChat For [Laptop/PC] Free Windows 7/8/8.1

Wechat Messenger is one of the best messaging app which let you keep your buddies always close to you by unlimited live communication. You can share unlimited photos, videos, contacts, texts etc without any cost i.e. completely free. It’s one of the most popular messaging application after whatsapp. In addition to the above discussed features Wechat also allows voice messaging, video calling and much more.So, guys this tutorial is to guide you on how to download Wechat for windowsxp/7/8 or windows 8.1.

Free Download WeChat For PC

This application is on all the platforms like android,windows phone and IOS but unfortunately there is no official PC version available of it till now. So to make it running on your computer you need to go through the guide I’m sharing with you here.

Features in Wechat for PC:

Voice Chat:
Wechat allows you to send your voice messages very easily all you need to do it hold ”hold to talk button” record your message and then release the button to send.

Free Calls:
Using Wechat now you can call your friends too, To call your friends just tap on the “+” button and select voice call option to ring your friends.
Video Calls:
Video calls are now available on all the versions of Wechat after version 4.2 and later, it allows you to make a video call with your friends. To make a video call just tap on the “+” button and select video call option.

Install Wechat Messenger on Your Windows 7/8/8.1 PC

First you need to install Bluestacks on your PC, if you do not have this android emulator in your PC; you can download it from here. For you windows Xp/7 or 8 PC. This is the official and safest way to download BLUESTACKS

  • Using the search toolbar search for Wechat messenger and you will find it to Google play store

  • Install the application by clicking on the Wechat logo from the search results.

  • And that’s it wait for the installation to complete and sign up for Wechat and enjoy this application on your PC

Apart from this normal features Wechat has an features in the social category which are shake and people nearby, which helps you to find new friends or allows you to communicate with new faces around the world.
Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Showbox App Download For PC - Bluestacks Complete's The Job

Showbox: Everyone likes watching their favorite movie or else few television shows at the end of the day, but sometimes it is not available for rent and you don't own it. Instead of just watching some nonsense on Television, simply download the Showbox Android app and you can start watching numerous free movies and television shows every day.

If you got fed up with watching entertainment in small screens, now you can easily get rid of it. Don't worry - you just need to download Showbox application for PC.

Download Showbox application to your PC(windows 7/8 and more) - Follow the steps:

  • First you need to download blue stacks. Below we are providing the link to download blue stacks and install, if you already have, then it will be easy.

Bluestacks App free download

  • Once you are done with the completion of Bluestacks app, then you need to open Bluestacks and search for Showbox application.
  • Install the Showbox Apk and open the application.
  • That's it, you are done with it.

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Enjoy Showbox application on your PC - Amazing collection of Movies and TV shows: Absolutely free.

Showbox is a  perfect app for watching the movies and TV series at home with free of cost.The best part to download Showbox app is it remembers you where you have stopped watching last series.

Features of Showbox:

  • All of your favorite new and old movies and TV shows available for download or streaming right to your PC
  • Stop wasting precious space on your Android phone and use Showbox right on your PC.
  • The easy to control interface allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward, and monitor progress on the progress bar.
  • With Showbox on PC, you can take advantage of your much bigger computer screen to enjoy your movies and shows in HD(High Definition).

Showbox On Android Operating System:

Show Box app is available in English and Russian languages. Unfortunately, Show Box app is only for android systems.This Show box app is growing very quickly because most of the Android phone users those who are using this showbox app they are just loving it. There are many apps out there in the market, but showbox is the best. The movie box app is one of the best competitors for Showbox app.Everyone is enjoying Showbox app very much, but this application is not available in Android Play Store market. If it is accessible in the Play store you and me could’ve installed it with ease in our mobiles but this is not the case here.
Before installing Showbox apk download you should change some settings in  your phone - enable the unknown sources in device information.that's it, you can use the Showbox application easily.
Download Showbox for Android.

Showbox on Mac OS:

 You can start Using Showbox App on MAC device by following these steps:

  • Download an iPadian for your PC. Click here to Download iPadian for free ( click on the link to download). 
  • Once you are done with the downloading and installation part search for Showbox in the iPadian search bar. 
  • After you finish downloading and Install Showbox on PC then Click on the shortcut icon in the main menu. 
  • That's it now you can start using Showbox on iPad iPhone or MAC.
Showbox on Mac OS.

 Here is a small video which explains, how to install Showbox:

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hike Messenger for PC ( Windows 7,8.1, iPhone )

Hike messenger, probably the best replacement for WhatsApp and also other chatting apps. It has got many unique features which makes it completely different and the favorite social application for many of the users.
Today it has got around 35 million users and still growing very strongly. Its officially available for the mobile operating systems like android, iOS, windows phone, nokia Symbian and blackberry.
It has got many features like offline messaging, stickers, hidden mode etc. which are not present on any other social networking applications.

Hike Messenger Features:

Offline Messages:
One of the best feature of hike and the most useful feature for any users who user hike through mobile internet packs.
We need not stay online all the time waiting for your friend’s reply. The most faced problem using smart phones is that you won’t be connected to your friends if you do not have internet connectivity.
Here in hike you can leave a SMS to your friend if you find he is offline, not only that you can also use this offline messages to connect with your other friends who are not using HIKE.

Last Seen:
Now say good bye to stalkers, you can avoid your last seen and online status from the users whom you would like to stay away. In the recent updates of WhatsApp, we have features like hide last seen, but it will show your “online” status if you are using the application. This is completely different from that feature, you can share your last seen, online status only with your contacts if you add them as favorites.

Hike provides a lot of stickers because texting or smileys are just too mainstream. Using stickers you can just convey your emotion without typing anything. We have a lot of varieties of stickers like friendship, love, pets, Bollywood etc..

Chat Themes:
In hike, you can select you chat theme, according to your mood you can select any of the chat theme from the available themes. This is a two way theme unlike the chat background.

Hidden mode:
You can hide the chats which you don’t want to make public. The design of this mode is in such a way that anyone can’t recognize that you are hiding something. You can assign a lock password or a pattern and can later change it by going to privacy settings.

You can not only share image, audio or video file but also you can share any office file or pdf files up to 100 MB of size.
Supported file formats:
Unfortunately hike is not available officially for PC, but I shall share you the guide to download and install hike on your PC or laptop.

Features of Hike for PC:

  • Stickers
  • Hidden Mode
  • Privacy
  • Send Offline Messages
  • Send any attachment
  • Attach files up to 100 MB
  • Change chat themes
  • Simple and fast UI

Steps to install Hike on PC:

1.To install hike on PC, we need android emulator like Bluestacks installed on your PC.
2. If you do not have Bluestacks, you can download it from here.
3.Install Bluestacks
4. Open Bluestacks and search for Hike Messenger
5. Click on the hike icon from the search results and install the hike messenger on your PC.
6. Open hike on Bluestacks.
Bluestacks> My apps > Hike messenger
That’s it guys, using the above guide you can download Hike on your PC. Enjoy hiking..

Friday, 31 October 2014

[New] Download BBM For PC/Laptop Free [Windows 7/8/8.1]

BBM or Blackberry messenger was earlier available only to the blackberry mobile users. But today it is available for all the mobile Operating systems and now every BBM can be installed on any smart phone. Its definitely a good competition to whatsapp because of its unique features.You can not only send messages but also speak face to face over BBM video and even you can share what’s on your screen Using BBM you can create your own channels, which are just like forums for active and real conversations happening right at that moment between people.BBM has a special code called as BBM Pin, using which you can connect with your contacts and start chatting.

Download BBM For PC
Download BBM For PC

You have to share your BBM pin with one another in order to chat or even view their profile.It has similar features just like other chatting applications, but the User Interface of BBM is very smooth.As of Now there is no official PC version for BBM or blackberry messenger but you can download this application just by following the step by step guide.

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Download and Install BBM on your Laptop or PC

This method is applicable for all the versions of Windows that is windows xp/7/8 or windows 8.1

  • For this installation you need Bluestacks, if you do not have this software you can Download the Android emulator – Bluestacks here.

  • Install and Open Bluestacks

  • Go to the Top search bar, and search for “bbm or blackberry messenger

  • Now click on the install button and wait for the Bluestacks to download it and install blackberry messenger on your PC.

Setting up your BBM Messenger On PC

  • Now open Bluestacks > My Apps . Click on the blackberry messenger icon and open this application.

  • You need to set up your BBM messenger before you use it.
  • Open BBM and enter your blackberry ID.
  • If you are using this for the first time, get you blackberry ID from here.
  • Sing in using the Blackberry ID and enter your mobile number.
  • After setting up you account it will show a Pin which is nothing but your BBM Pin.
  • You have now successfully installed BBM and set up is done and its already to use.
  • Just start adding the BBM pins of your friends and start chatting.
BBM is probably the Best way to connect and share instant messages, photos and many more for free in real time.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Download Candy Crush Saga Game For PC/Laptop [ Free Windows 8.1 and 7 ]

Hello guys now you can enjoy candy crush on your pcs too. Today am going to share with you how to download and install candy crush on your pc with windows xp/7/8/8.1 or windows vista. Am sure you would definitely like to play this super sweet game and addictive game on your PC.

This game is available in android and apple app store. Am sure that even if you are not a regular gamer you must have come across this game either in facebook or might have watch your candy crush saga addictive friends.
If you already are a regular player of candy crush i need say anything you must be well aware of the game play features which makes you addictive to it.Before sharing the guide of – How to install candy crush saga on PC i would like to share few features of Candy crush.

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About Candy crush Saga:

It has 515 levels and also a Dream world level as a bonus level.The game play procedure is very simply, you just need to match three candies of the same colour.

Meanwhile you will also get boosters in the game to speed up the game.Candy crush saga is created by King Games and this game is officially available on Google Play Store for Android smart phones users or tablets and iOS users can download it from iTunes app store.

It is not available in the windows phone store officially but still many third parties have designed their apps similar to Candy crush and put them on store which has huge number of downloads and some thousands of reviews.The game play of candy crush is very amusing as it is full of sweet flavours. You have fixed number of moves and a fixed time to qualify the playing level of the game so, be perfect and fast with your moves to enter into the more exiting next levels.Regularly check for updates and update your app to unpack all the new features that are provided by the developers of the game. The recent update has really an awesome quality of graphics that looks great in high end device, and even the sound quality is simply superb and perfectly matches with the game play and background animation of the game.

Candy crush Saga for PC free Download – Step by step Guide

Note: As mentioned earlier you can play this game even in your PC in facebook but here is an another alternate method which lets you play this game through the android Emulator called Bluestacks.
  • Open Bluestacks
  • Go to the Top search bar, and search for “Candy crush Saga”
  • Now click on the install button and wait for the Bluestacks to download it and install candy crush saga in your PC.
  • Now open Bluestacks > My Apps . Click on the candy crush icon and start playing it.
  • Thats it guys we are done, now you can play candy crush anytime by opening bluestacks and also not only just playing you can also get all the regular updates just like the android and ios Users So what are you waiting for! Just open it and enjoy..

  • Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer [New Version] For Windows 7,8,XP

Blue Stacks is an emulator which is applied to running Android apps on our Windows and MAC PC. Most of the people are getting advantage from this Android Emulator. It helps to run different Android apps and games on our PC. You Can Use Whatsapp For PC Using Blustacks App Player.

Many of people downloads Blue Stacks as Split installer which is about 9 MB size and they download it from the official website. When we run, it links into internet connection for running the data and sometimes it may cause errors.  It takes time for downloading which depends on our speed of internet connection. Sometimes it gets fail for connecting to servers.

which may cause runtime error. The offline installer of the Blue Stacks does not need any internet connection. It fixes the problems caused by runtime error. For users who are having slow internet connection, this offline installer will be a better option. It is fast and reliable. When we format our PC, we do not need to download again. We can use the offline installer for installing into our PC.

Blustacks Offline Installer! Why ?  

So You are Thinking Why I Named This Installer As a Offline Installer Because Because When You Download Blustacks From Direct Official Site You Will Get One 9 Mb Setup  After when you going to install it automatically start to download whole software because it is just a common sense running big apps on pc on just 9 MB Software . So Here i am Giving You Full Offline Install That Give You Freedom To Download Just Only Once by Your Regular Download Or Just Google To Download This It Is Just Easy Setup You Don't Need To Connect After Downloading This Installer Because this Install Will Not Suck Your Online Data

How To Download Blustacks App Player Offline 

Here You Can Go To This Link To Download Blustacks

Updated Log
Link Updated On :- 12/9/2014 :

[MSI File] How To Install Blustacks Offline Installer 

  • After Downloading Blustacks Offiline Install MSI File 

  • Just Double Cick On Setup To Lauch The Setup

  • So Here All Process Beign

  • Just Click Next Button & After Sometime On Your Desktop Blustacks App Player Offline Icon Show Up 

  • Just Double Click The Bluestacks Icon That's It Hurray Your Apps For PC Blustacks Offline Install is Ready To Use

First, we need to download the Blue Stacks PRO offline File installer to our PC. When the download is completed, we need to click on the MSI file for installing Blue Stacks to our PC. When the installation starts, we need to follow the on- screen steps. When the installation is completed an icon of Blue Stacks will appear on the Desktop. Click on icon for running the Blue Stacks. Then we will be able to run all the android apps on our PC.